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Dr Herbert D. Pease, MD, in the August 1930 issue of the American Journal of Public Health, wrote, “Public health authorities expressed an almost universal desire to banish the common towel.” Bacteriological and physical studies at universities and medical facilities over the years have demonstrated that after a post-shower rubdown, a warm and damp bath towel is much dirtier than people realize; it hosts Coliform and E-coli bacteria which only multiply with time. Laundering the towel only partially washes off some bacteria, but others stick around. Some bacteria get transmitted back during the subsequent use. This is amplified when another person uses the same towel. The same is true in industrial and other sanitization applications where a towel is used in post-disinfecting shower rubdowns.

Inspired by the above research, Airozoom strived to create a body and hair dryer unit a one-step solution that is environment friendly and economically viable throughout its life span. Airozoom offers families and organizations an intelligent and controlled device powered by a digital motor that is speedy and nimble, saving you precious time. Leaving a green footprint on the environment, it is kinder and less intrusive and will protect our climate for generations to come.


Introduce lifestyle products to the market that are hygienic, economical and convenient to use through creativity and innovation.

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We are a US-based company located in Sugar Land, Texas that researched and developed this phenomenal Body Dryer unit. Our team comprises the best minds in the field of science and technology. With a combined experience over many years, we take tremendous pride in conceiving innovative products that are hygienic, economical, practical, and convenient to use while caring for the environment.

Sibu Varghese Head Shot
Sibu Varghese, P.E.
Founder & CEO

Sibu Varghese has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Pune, India and a MS from the University of Oklahoma. He is also a registered Professional Engineer in the State of Texas. Sibu began his career with GE (General Electric) as a design engineer in the Oil & Gas industry and then went on to develop and lead several high-profile multimillion dollar projects for GE. After his time with GE, he spent several years with Baker Hughes in the R&D area, developing novel products for drilling and wellbore completion that were a game changer in the industry. After about 11 years with GE & Baker Hughes, he started his own company. Sibu is a very passionate design engineer and has always wanted to create new products through innovation. He developed a fully portable Body Dryer system, a product of his innovative thinking. Sibu designed a high flow turbo fan blade, which demonstrated his expertise in the understanding of the physics of quiet running, high-flow, low-drag, rotor blades in a compact housing. His invention provides a more hygienic, cost effective and easy to use consumer product in industries such as healthcare, hospitality, gyms and spas and in consumer homes. His 10 US patents amply testify to his innovative talent and his constant drive to bring his ideas to fruition.

Mohan Soni 3
Mohan Soni, PHD
Technical Advisor

Dr Soni has an MS (Distinction) in Machine Design from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, an MS and PhD in Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics from the University of Texas at Austin, and a Post-Doctoral Fellowship at the Center of Electromechanics at the University of Texas at Austin. Then, he began his career as a Research Engineer at the University of Dayton Research Institute, Dayton OH, where he worked on the Damping and Dynamics of Aerospace Structures for the USAF Flight Dynamics Lab. He was also the Principal Analytical Engineer at Cooper-Cameron Corp., the developer of Dual-Fuel Engines and Compressors for Power Generation and Oil & Gas Industries, and a Senior Project Scientist for Drill String Dynamics and Wellbore completion at Baker Hughes. Dr. Soni’s career focus has been in the Analytical Engineering and Technology Development in the areas of Spacecraft Dynamics, Vibrations and Damping of Flexible Space Structures, Fatigue and fracture of structures under high dynamic and corrosive conditions in Engine and Compressor valves, Hydraulic Fracturing, etc. Dr.Soni has over 50 technical publications and professional conference presentations. He has 12 US patents & publications in his field of expertise.


Our primary focus of CSR remains in caring for the environment by reducing the carbon footprint generated and by going green.


We believe in providing environmentally viable services that are energy-efficient and future proof. Airozoom Body Dryer System is ecologically sustainable as it completely replaces the necessity of towels in the hair and body drying process.


Airozoom body Drying Unit is economically feasible and provides the soundest alternative for the time-consuming traditional drying process. Our aim is to provide superior and affordable convenience without compromising on quality.

Alton P

“Totally in love with the Airzoom body & hair dryer system, we have been using it for a while now and everyone seems to love it. It makes drying oneself a breeze after a shower, and the full family enjoys it. It works great for women with long hair, the need for an additional hair dryer appliance is not required. It’s very easy and convenient to use once it’s setup. I would highly recommend that you give it a try.”

Russell C

“Our family really enjoyed using the dryer. It worked very quickly and we were able to easily move it outside to dry off after swimming in our pool. I liked how easy it was to move to different locations and how it dried the body fast. I highly recommend this product.”

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