Our Body Drying Device System

Looking to reduce the environmental impact of your laundry? What if you didn’t need towels to dry off after a shower or bath? If you own or manage a pool or other aquatic center, wouldn’t you like to take laundering in-house towels out of the equation? With Airozoom, you can do exactly that.

Why Airozoom?

Airozoom is a body drying device meant to replace towels, reducing your laundry loads and thus your environmental impact. The Airozoom body drying system is completely hands-free, making it automatically more hygienic than any towel and ideal for high-traffic bathrooms in the home or at public and for-profit aquatic recreational centers.

Airozoom was developed to get the body and hair totally dry after bathing, showering, or aquatic recreation. This system is economically viable and is designed to reduce your overall energy consumption.

The Airozoom body drying machine is intelligent and easy to control, and quickly dries your whole body faster than manually toweling off, meaning you can get dressed and get on with your day that much faster. Experience the warmth of this head-to-toe drying experience with a smile, knowing that you’re helping the environment by using this system and quitting towels.

Gone are the days of using multiple loads of hot water and chemicals to take care of the towels you use to dry off after the shower, bath, or pool. Gone are the days of towels smelling dank and damp as they wait to be washed and harbor bacteria. And gone are the days of higher utility costs from running your washer and dryer to get towels properly clean.

Airozoom is manufactured in the US with cutting-edge technology and is ready to make your bathroom greener and more hygienic for years to come. Order your Airozoom body drying system for better drying today.