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Body Drying System


Airozoom Body Dryer System is a highly effective, stand-alone device and environmentally friendly product, patented and made in the USA. It’s a fully automatic, touchless dryer that dries a person quickly in a highly hygienic manner. It replaces the need for a traditional hairdryer, reducing your drying time considerably, thus reducing carbon emissions from constant maintenance of towels.

  • Airozoom body dryer system is available in three different sizes i.e. Kids, Adults and Tall Adults
  • Touchless and fully automatic.
  • Push buttons for selective drying.
  • Sleek and can fit in tight spaces.
  • Portable and practical.
I have read and acknowledged the installation requirements and safety instructions

Installation requirements and safety instructions

  • Airozoom should always be connected to a 20A circuit. Ensure you have a 20A circuit when using airozoom. 
  • Airozoom should never be placed inside a shower or in direct contact with water. 
  • If used outdoors near a swimming pool, device should always be placed under a covered roof so that it does not come in contact with rain or extreme weather conditions.Ensure that the device is secured in place to prevent falling. 
  • Use only 14 gauge extension cord, length dependent on where you place the Airozoom. You do not need a surge protector for the cord as Airozoom has one built in!
  • Install Airozoom on a clean, flat surface, preferably a tiled or wooden floor. To prevent injury or damage to Airozoom do not place on carpet or uneven surfaces. 
  • Always use two hands to support the weight of the device during installation and when changing its position or location. 
  • When using airozoom, do not push or pull on it, as it may fall and cause injury. 
  • Airozoom is very stable when installed correctly. 
  • Children should not handle the device without adult supervision


  • After a shower, spend a few moments wiping off excess water from your body with your hands prior to using the device.
  • When ready to dry, face the device and place yourself at the center, directly under air duct.
  • Sensor will automatically activate and start at default low speed. Manually adjust speed as necessary. For body drying, we recommend starting with low speed.  
  • Spend about 40 seconds in one position. 
  • As the device runs, continue rubbing body surface with your hands for faster drying. 
  • After initial 40 seconds, turn your body so your back faces the device and the air hits your head and back. 
  • Use the low-speed cycle to dry the entire upper body. 
  • Once the upper body is dried, use medium speed to dry the lower body. 
  • Use high speed for quick hair drying. 
  • When using for pets, use the kids or pet size device and start with low speed cycle followed by medium.

Experience the future of drying with Airozoom, a revolutionary body drying device that redefines clean and hygienic living. Powered by a fast, digital motor, this revolutionary body drying system is designed for speed and efficiency, ensuring a seamless drying experience that saves you valuable minutes each day.

No More Towels

Airozoom is an intelligent, environmentally friendly solution that dramatically reduces your water and energy consumption. Our innovative body drying system turns the act of towel drying into a relic of the past, eliminating issues of moldy towels, excess laundry, and the use of harmful chemicals.

No More Blow Drying

Say goodbye to the time-consuming task of blow-drying your hair. Airozoom’s innovative body drying system, with its powerful and precise digital motor, can dry your hair rapidly and safely, all while protecting your hair’s natural shine and health. Eliminate the damaging effects of excessive heat from traditional hair dryers and welcome a gentler, more efficient drying process that leaves your hair feeling soft, manageable, and damage-free.

Embrace green living, enjoy unparalleled hygiene, and step into a fresher, cleaner tomorrow with Airozoom. Contact us to learn more and be sure to place an order today for fast and reliable shipping!

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