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Say Goodbye to Towels!



Airozoom Body Dryer System is a highly effective, stand-alone device and environmentally friendly product, patented and made in the USA. It’s a fully automatic, touchless dryer that dries a person quickly in a highly hygienic manner. It replaces the need for a traditional hairdryer, reducing your drying time considerably, thus reducing carbon emissions from constant maintenance of towels.

  • Airozoom body dryer system is available in three different sizes i.e. Kids, Adults and Tall Adults
  • Touchless and fully automatic.
  • Push buttons for selective drying.
  • Sleek and can fit in tight spaces.
  • Portable and practical.
I have read and acknowledged the installation requirements and safety instructions

Installation requirements and safety instructions

  • Check to make sure you have a 20A circuit in your bathroom. Device should always be connected to a 20A circuit. 
  • Device should never be placed inside a shower or in direct contact with water. It should be placed at a convenient location outside the shower area.  
  • If used outdoors near a swimming pool, device should always be placed under a covered roof so that it does not come in contact with rain or extreme weather conditions.Ensure that the device is secured in place to prevent the device from falling 
  • You will need a 14 gauge extension cord and the length will depend on where you decide to place the device.You do not need a surge protector for the extension cord as the device has one built in.  Please make sure the cable is secured well in place.
  • When installing the assembled device, make sure the surface that it is kept on, is clean and a flat surface, preferably on a tiled or a wooden floor. Do not place it on carpeted flooring or uneven surfaces as the device may become unstable and fall and may cause injury. 
  • Always use two hands to support the weight of the device during installation and changing position or location of the device.  
  • When using the device, do not push or pull on it, as it may fall and cause injury. 
  • Device is very stable when installed correctly. 
  • Children should not handle the device without adult supervision

How to use the device for your drying needs

  • After a shower, spend a few seconds wiping off any excess water from your body with your hands prior to using the device. 
  • When you are ready to dry, face the device  and place yourself at the center, directly under the air duct.  
  • Sensor will automatically activate and start at default low speed. You can manually change the speed as necessary. However, for body drying, we recommend starting with low speed at first.  
  • Start with low speed and spend about 40 seconds in one position. 
  • As the device runs, continue rubbing your body surfaces with your hands for faster drying. 
  • After the first 40 seconds, turn your body such that your back faces the device and the air hits your head and back. 
  • Use the low-speed cycle to dry off the entire upper body. 
  • Once the upper body is dried, use medium speed to dry off the lower body. 
  • Use high speed mode for quick hair drying.  
  • When using for pets, use the kids or pet size device and start with the low speed cycle first followed by the medium speed cycle.
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